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Freelancing at Focused Ink??

How has the new year been treating you?? Well for me so far in the new year I have written and submitted my very 1st freelance article for an online magazine. For the article I interviewd publisher/author Latrivia Welch. She is a powerhouse novelist and so much more based out of Memphis, TN. I can't wait to share the interview with you. I will keep you posted on when the article is published!

I wonder if freelancing is for me? I guess anything to hone my writing skills. We shall see what the future holds. For now: I am going to get back to completing my next solo writing project. I am setting a goal to have this new project finished by the summer of 2019. No worries....You will be the first to know.

Until next time Stay Focused and make sure you are following me on Social Media at Focused Ink on IG, FB and Twitter to receive your daily dose of Focused Ink.

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