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Tuesday Thoughts: From Focused Ink

As we go through life, so many things happen to us...Good, Bad and Indifferent and as those moments happen people will sometime casually say, "Everything Happens for a Reason".....

And for the life of me I can't figure out why certain things happen to certain people.

Have you ever felt this way?

I mean really do you get confused in those times when you stand back and look around you and examine everything that is LIFE and you attempt to put reason into a thought or into words.

Just because something happens for a reason doesn't make the bad feel any better, it doesn't make others who look on in envy of the good that happens to you any less disheartening for them because life isn't falling in place as they feel it should.

Trying to pinpoint the reason may be just as painful as the actual event that took place in the first place.

So, I decided in my moments of confusion to seek GOD first because when I have no answers he has them for me. Not necessarily in the shape or form of what I would traditionally think is an answer. But he answers me with a powerful stillness that allows me to just think, wait, reflect and react.

Think, Wait, Reflect and React in response to the unknown.

The unknown is LIFE.

Live and rejoice in the Goodness,

Live and Move Pass the Bad,

Live and Surpass the Indifference,

The Reasons for WHY aren't for us to Figure Out.

Be still and Stay Focused on the process that is LIFE.

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