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Decade Long Goals? Finally Complete.

Most times we set out goals and we leave them lingering out there for months, years or even decades! My goal of becoming a writer was one of those decade long goals. I don't quite know what I was waiting on...something bigger, something better, something more realistic, something a little less head in the clouds perhaps?

Recently, the floppy disks that showed my past attempts of becoming a writer were discovered. Never lost really but definitely buried. I am glad they were dug up because they show the determination of a dream that is now reality.

The book I did end up writing is not the book saved on these disks but what was saved and reformatted was the dream. The dream that maybe becoming a writer wasn't so illogical or maybe becoming a writer put me in the clouds were I belonged. I am living my best life right here on earth in the cloud of authors that I am now a card carrying member of.

The journey continues.

Stay focused on your goals and your dreams. They do come true.

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