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What's Up Next For Focused Ink? Soul Talk 2!

It's been weeks since I touched based with you!

Between real life, real life and toddler life....I have been so BUSY!

However, I couldn't let the month end without updating you on what's next for Focused Ink!

Soul Talk 2 is my next project and the release date has been announced!

Oct 26-28th in Dallas Texas!

My co-authors and I are going to celebrate the collaboration of soul stirring stories all bound together in one book titled, Soul Talk 2!

Focused Fans you MUST MUST MUST follow me on social media at Focused Ink on IG and FB so you can receive my daily feed of everything Focused Ink.

My social media pages are a constant feed of positivity and MELANIN MAGIC!

So Follow me and let's Connect!

But until then!

Stay Focused!

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