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Tuesday Thoughts: From Focused Ink

Focused Fans hopeful each and every one of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! To all those who have served or currently serve...THANK YOU!

Although, my weekend (outside of my nephew's graduation celebration/which was the best) was not all smiles and sunshine I am still thankful for the opportunity to just try again at LIFE another day! Every day I get up and Thank GOD for another day. Today I want to also Thank HIM for the opportunity to be apart of the Atlanta African American Book Festival in July! This event will allow me to connect with a variety of AMAZING authors (from all walks of life-See Atlanta African American Festival for full list) and the ATL community! So, today's thought is just all about being THANKFUL and taking life for everything that it has to offer. So, make sure each day you are doing just that...ALL THAT YOU CAN to TRULY be HAPPY in life despite the challenges it brings. Stay Focused!

If you aren't already....Be sure to follow my journey on FB, IG and Twitter at Focused Ink. Like My Page #socialmediafollowsmatter :)

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