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Tuesday Thoughts: From Focused Ink

Hey Good People!

Someone posted this image on social media and I thought yes this could potentially help someone, heck even help me on my focused journey.

A lot of times we sit back and don't go after what we want.

We sit back in awe of something that we want or need but we don't ask for it.

We don't take steps forward in life. Sometimes even, We sit in misery.

Two of the root causes of not getting out there and just doing and speaking up for ourselves is fear and complacency.

Focus on figuring out what you want in LIFE and in turn GO FOR IT. Even if it means you have to work a little extra harder than normal. This too shall pass. It's temporary.

Focus on speaking up or you will always get looked over for the opportunity that you feel should be yours. Most people aren't mind readers and sometimes your past actions haven't shown that you want something bad enough so guess what others feed off your words and your actions.

Focus on taking steps forward toward your goals. Bottom line: It may be scary but you must step out there on FAITH.

Three Simple Rules in Life.

Focus on creating your BEST LIFE!

Stay Focused.

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