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Tuesday Thoughts: From Focused Ink

The pressure to get things DONE......The concern of so many of us.

A healthy amount of pressure helps to drive an individual.

However, too much pressure can DRIVE an individual CRAZY.

Pressure busts pipes right?

On the flip side pressure also makes diamonds.

& Diamonds are FOREVER.

Whatever the case or "saying" may be.....Utilize the pressure you are under to motivate and push you toward your end goals.

When the pressure becomes too much find ways to DESTRESS and release the pressure so you don't explode.

You want to keep a sane mind and in order to do so you have to release somethings, someone or even somewhere.

Whatever it is that's applying the pressure.

Remain focused on what's keep you happy.

Because after all you are a DIAMOND right? I know I am so.....

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