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To Raya with Love, #1

To Raya with Love, was a #1 seller on Amazon! I have been so bogged down and FOCUSED with writing and studying, I have not been able to share this news with all you Focused Fans.

The book was #1 in its category after it was released late last year! A small step in a bigger process and vision.

So, I may be LATE but I am still on time because I am beyond happy about the success and the reaction I have received from the public. Although, To Raya with Love has only been out a short time I believe there is so much more to come for this book as it reaches the hands of many and for me as a newly published author!

If you don't already have this book go to to order a copy or if you rather the e-version visit and search the title.

Stay tuned to my journey and follow me on Facebook and IG at Focused Ink! #stayfocused

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