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Hello Focused Ink Subscribers!!

Have you gotten your e-copy of the book?

If not, log on to Amazon and search for the title To Raya with Love. It's 4.99!

You can also download the Amazon Kindle App on your smartphone via the Playstore and search for the title to download so you can read the book while on the go!

If you have gotten your e-copy:

You MUST MUST MUST write a review on Amazon letting everyone know what you think of the book!

A lot of people are asking 'When will the paper back version be available?"

The answer is SOON!

Your opportunity to pre-order your paperback version of the book is right around the corner.

In the meantime download and read the e-version and rate the book on Amazon!

Focused Ink subscribers will be the 1st to know exciting details like:

-When the Paper Back is available?

-When can I get my signed copy of the book?

-When and where is the Paperback Launch Party?

-How can I win cool Focused Ink prizes?

Stay tuned!

Stay Focused!

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