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The Wait is Finally Over and To Raya with Love the E-Book is Available via Amazon/Kindle.

-Visit or Click for easy direct access to the e-book.

-Or download the Kindle app and Search for To Raya with Love!

It's only $1

We can definitely take To Raya with Love to BEST SELLER!

This book is an amazing inspirational journey.

It will teach you 16 lessons to living your best life.

Pulling from my personal experiences to teach these lessons to each of you.

It is a must read for all, young and old.

The Book is inspired by the life of Toraya Jai Garvin, an inspiration that sets the tone for the 16 life


I truly hope you enjoy! Please feel free to share this post with others and feel free to leave your comments on the website, IG or Facebook with the #torayawithlovethebook

FB- Focusedink

Stay Focused! AMEN.

P.S. When you are done reading the book...DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A REVIEW ON AMAZON!

Thank you for your support!

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