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Oh The Journey....When Challenges Arise!

So, many years ago, I said to myself I want to write a book and then for many reasons one not necessarily more significant than the next, I didn't.

-I need a new laptop

-I am going to wait until I get this wedding behind me

-Maybe after my 35th birthday

-I have a new baby, where is the time??

-I just received a promotion, again where is the time??

So many reasons, so many times I would start and not finish.

A roadblock always presenting in my way.

And then I decide to remove the roadblock because of a lovely inspiration inserted into my life and BOOM the day I am about to publish the finished product "Technical difficulties".....

The DEVIL or any technical difficulty will not stop me.

Those who attempt to stand in my way will not prevail!

This is my journey and I claim Victory in everything I do.

I am so appreciative of those who have reached out and asked about the availability of the book.

I say to you all, "SOON and DEFINITE"

Even When Discouraged Stay Focused!

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