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Who Are We?

Focused Ink Group LLC is all about creating inspiration through writing.

Our goal is to reach young adults and adults through our guided journal books. Let's start a conversation about our experiences and use art and writing as an outlet as we creatively express ourselves.

Owner, Windi Floyd Reynolds is an author, AFAA certified Zumba instructor & Strong Nation personal coach.


Reynolds aims to create inspiration through her writing and love of fitness.


Focused Ink Group promotes the importance of mental health awareness, being empowered, focused and fit. 


A Glimpse into 
my New Release
South of Wonderland, North of Despair
by Windi Floyd Reynolds

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Inspirational People, Innovative Ideas, Imaginative Sights!

Let's Discuss, Let's Chat, Let's Get Focused!

The Focused Ink Blot is Where We Blog It Out!

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